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F Mar 27

Today: READ CANVAS ANNOUNCEMENT about our Online Transition Plans, go through SYLLABUS UPDATES, and DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL ZOOM using this Zoom Tutorial produced by my colleague, Mark Longaker (also under the Files menu on Canvas) or this one provided by Jeffrey Wang, a student in computer science.

Send an email to ddd@utexas.edu, responding to the following questions:

  1. What’s the best email address (or other way) to reach you now?
  2. Do you have
    • a desktop or laptop computer,
    • an internet connection that can interact with Canvas,
    • and word processing software?
  3. If you have not yet secured the necessary technology and/or access to the internet, please let me know what you’d like to do and how I can help.  
  4. Is there anything more you’d like me to know about your current situation?
  5. Do you have any questions for me about the updated schedule or assignments (or anything)?

By 10 am on Monday, March 30: Complete Annotation Assignment for Rice’s “Pathologia.”  First, read the text. Then on our Canvas site, go to: Assignments > Annotations > Rice Reading > Load Rice Reading. From the Hyypothesis window, post at least two substantial annotations.  ***Here’s a short panopto video that walks you through this assignment. 

M Mar 30

Today: Annotation of Rice due. Please also respond to this discussion question about your final assignment. Test Zoom during extended office hours (I’ll be there on Monday from 11 am to 1 pm. Go to our Canvas site, click the Zoom navigation menu on the left side of the screen, find the Monday, April 30th meeting, and select “Join.” You will land in a Waiting Room, and I’ll admit people into the office one at a time). 

By 10 am on Wednesday, April 1: Complete Reading Discussion Post 9, on Rice’s “Pathologia.” (Different from the annotations assignment.)

Also read through the new version of the Analysis of a Pathological Text assignment and begin looking for your artifact.

W Apr 1

Today: Discussion Post 9 on Rice’s “Pathologia” due. My annotated reading of Rice has been uploaded to your Files folder on Canvas. Please look that over: it points you toward the analysis assignment.

By 10 am on Monday, April 6. Read “What is The Great Replacement” and complete annotation assignment.

Watch two videos:

and post reflections about them via discussion board (Great Replacement Videos Discussion)

M Apr 6

Today: Annotations and discussion board reflections due.

–my reflections on the two White Replacement videos: Part 1 and Part 2. (Both in your “files” folder on Canvas.)

By 10 am on Wednesday, April 8, upload to the discussion board a link to the artifact you’ve chosen (“link to pathological text” on Canvas), along with your informal description of why (according to our definition**) you consider it “pathological.” We’ll workshop these descriptions in work groups. The more detailed you are in this, the better feedback you’ll get from your workshop partners.

**From the assignment: “For our purposes, a ‘pathological text’ inscribes and propagates aberrant passions already in circulation. Partly in reaction against our shared exposedness to one another and so to “rhetoric’s sensorium,” pathological texts insulate and tribalize: they invite violence by inspiring or reinforcing passionate attachment (love, hope, loyalty, compassion, identification) to an us and bitter disavowal (hate, anger, fear, disgust, contempt) of a them, while resisting rhetorical engagement that could challenge the clean distinction.”

W Apr 8

Today: Check to see who your group is (Workshop Groups for Pathological Text Descriptions), and complete the workshop exercise for each member of your group, offering helpful, concrete feedback.

By 10 am on Monday, April 13: upload to the discussion board (“Draft of the “Analysis” section of textual analysis assignment”) a draft of *only the analysis section* of this assignment for workshopping next time. 

M Apr 13

Today: Complete the workshop exercise, offering helpful feedback to your workshopping partners–same workgroups as before. 

By 10 am on Wednesday, April 15: Upload full analysis assignment for peer review.

W Apr 15

Today: Complete the peer reviews assigned to you on Canvas.

 By 10 am on Monday, April 20: Revise and resubmit final textual analysis assignment

M Apr 20

Today: Final textual analysis due.

Look over revised final paper assignment, which gives you 4 options to choose from. Choose one and begin thinking it through.

By 10 am on Wednesday, April 22: Watch Yair Rosenberg on how to fight anti-semetic trolls and read more about how he trolls the trolls. Read about angry optimism of hero students, and organized mockery in response to alt-right.

Read Davies, “How Feelings Took Over the World,” through Hypothes.is link and post two substantial annotations. Reading post 10 on Davies also due Wednesday.

W Apr 22

Today: Post 10 (Davies) and annotations due.

By 10 am on Monday, April 27: Read Ahmed’s “Conclusion” through Hypothes.is link and post two substantial annotations.

Also: Post to the discussion forum (“Description of Final Assignment”) for workshopping the Final Paper Option that you’ve chosen and a detailed description of how you will approach this task. If you’re doing Option 1, the Restorative Counterargument, complete the Description of Rhetorical Goals section. If you’re doing Option 2, name the artifact you’ll analyze and briefly explain why this is a pathological text. If you’re doing Option 3, name the sources you’ll use and briefly describe why you’ll say facts alone are rhetorically ineffective. If you’re doing Option 4, name the major text you’ll explicate and offer a brief description of the most significant points you’ll focus on. You’ll workshop these in your groups on Monday.

M Apr 27

Today: Annotations on Ahmed due. Complete workshop exercise.

By 10 am on Wednesday, April 29: Upload final paper to canvas for peer review

W Apr 29

Today: Peer review version due. Complete assigned peer reviews.

By 10 am on WEDNESDAY, MAY 6: revise and resubmit final paper. If you plan to revise and resubmit the textual analysis, that is also due on May 6.

M May 4

Work work work. Please complete the Course Instruction Survey for our course.

W May 6

Today: Final Paper due. Revisions of textual analysis due. 

If you haven’t yet, please complete the he Course Instruction Survey for our course. Thank you.

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