Specific selections of all the texts assigned for the seminar will be available for download in pdf form via your password protected Canvas course site (under Files). I encourage you to purchase the full, printed texts at the university coop bookstore (or amazon or wherever), if you wish.

  • Philosophy and Rhetoric, Special Issue, 2014. “Extrahuman Rhetorical Relations: Addressing the Animal, the Object, the Dead, and the Divine.” Ed. Diane Davis and Michelle Ballif. Contributors: Avital Ronell, Cary Wolfe, Laurence Rickels, Joshua Gunn, Elissa Marder, Thomas Rickert, James Brown, Michelle Ballif, Diane Davis, Steven Mailloux, Michael Bernard-Donals.
  • Lyotard, Jean-Francois. Introduction to The Inhuman.
  • Rickert, Thomas. Selections from Ambient Rhetorics.
  • Jane Bennett. Selections from Vibrant Matter.
  • Karen Barad. “Posthumanist Performativity.”
  • Martin Heidegger. “Building, Dwelling, Thinking.”
  • Emmanuel Levinas. Selections from Existence and Existents and Totality and Infinity.
  • Michael Marder. “What Is Plant Thinking?”
  • Jacques Derrida. “Epoché and Faith,” “The Animal That Therefore I Am,” and selections from Specters of Marx
  • Cary Wolfe. “Flesh and Finitude.”
  • Michelle Ballif. “Historiography as Hauntology: Paranormal Investigations into the History of Rhetoric.”

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