Weekly Reading Posts

(2 pts x 10): Informal responses analyzing/exploring key issues in the readings on the class discussion board.

Reading posts should take the form of informal but substantial responses to the assigned reading. They should analyze and/or explore key issues in the reading, and they should be posted on the class discussion board. One or two students will be responsible for writing the opening post for each reading or group of readings, to which others will respond.

  • The designated discussion leader(s) should post the opening response on the Canvas discussion board by the Monday before the class in which we discuss the text.
  • Everyone else’s substantial responses are due by 1pm on Tuesdays.

Whether you’re responding to a classmate’s thoughts or offering your own intervention, these “substantial responses” should offer a serious engagement with the material that takes us into the text, using quotes and page numbers, and posing questions and/or offering reflections on passages or ideas.