Rhetoric and Hermeneutics Assignments

  1. Semi-Weekly Talking Points: Informal notes that summarize/identify/explore/ analyze key issues and concepts of the readings. One, tight page is sufficient. Use them to speak from in class discussion and on the listserv–you’ll also hand them in to me. (20% total)
  2. Participation in class. (invaluable)
  3. Participation on the class listserv. Follow link, choose 387 courses, choose 387-davis, and then choose join 387-davis to sign up for the listserv. You’ll be expected to contribute to this class list, both by posting your brilliant thoughts about the readings and by contributing to the ongoing discussion. Occasionally, if you request it, I may invite authors of the texts we’re reading to join us to respond to your questions & insights. (invaluable)
  4. Papers: You’ll write four one-page, single spaced, beautifully polished, and terribly insightful papers, to be read aloud in class and then handed in to me via email attachment or in person the following day. Margins are optional, but no smaller than 11 point font and no more than one letter-sized page. The first half of each paper should be a concise but thorough summary of the original text. The second half should be your reading of that work “across” another work we’ve read together, which may be determined by moi. Please don’t be fooled; these one-pagers are hard as hell–they demand a higher level of reading/writing savvy than a traditional essay. Until you get the hang of the process and the style-cramping format, expect to rewrite at least once, maybe several times. The grading will be rigorous; excellence will be required. The hope is that when you leave this course, these short, dense papers will offer you a base for one or more publishable papers and also provide you with some valuable study resources for your comprehensive exams. (80% total)

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