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Weekly Reading Post Leaders

Leaders are responsible for writing the opening post for each reading, to which others will respond. Leader’s posts are due on the Canvas discussion board by the Saturday before the class in which we discuss the text; substantial responses due by Tuesday at noon.

Post 1, due Sept 8: Austin, How to Do Things With Words

  1. Martha

Post 2, due Sept 15: Derrida, “Signature, Event, Context,” in Limited Inc + “Declarations of Independence”

  1. Tristin Hooker
  2. Sierra

Post 3, due Sept 22: Searle Speech Act Theory + “Reply to Derrida”

  1. Mac

Post 4, due Sept 29: Derrida, “Limited Inc a b c” and “Afterword: Toward an Ethic of Discussion,” in Limited Inc

  1. Cindy
  2. Thomas

Post 5, due Oct 13: Felman, The Scandal of the Speaking Body

  1. Hannah Foltz

Post 6, due Oct 20: Butler, Excitable Speech

  1. Kiara

Post 7, Oct 27: Freud “Psychical Treatment” and Preface to Bernheim’s Suggestive Therapeutics; Borch-Jacobsen “Analytic Speech: From a Restricted to a General Rhetoric”

  1. Tristan Hanson
  2. Inbal

Post 8, due Nov 10— Bennett “A Vitalist Stopover,” Barad “Posthumanist Performativity,” Kirby from Quantum Anthropologies, and Ferris “How Brainless Slime Molds Redefine Intelligence”

  1. Hannah Hopkins
  2. Andy

Post 9, Nov 24 – Derrida “Performative Powerlessness,” + Miller and Critchley

  1. K. J.

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