Hypothes.is Annotations

In lieu of in-class discussions, we’ll use Hypothes.is to annotate together four texts: Rice’s “Pathologia,” Charlton’s “What is the Great Replacement,” Davies’ “How Feelings Took Over the World,” and Ahmed’s “Conclusion.” For each reading, you’ll leave two “substantial annotations.” These annotations will not take the place of the graded reading posts, but they will count: each set of “substantial annotations” will be worth 2 points. (See adjusted points per assignment.

Substantial annotations: A “substantial annotation” might include, for example: a thoughtful question about a passage, making a connection between this passage and another text we’ve read, or an insightful reflection about the passage itself.

How it works: When you see an annotation assignment on the new schedule, go to Canvas, open the assignment, and click the link. That will open the reading within the Hypothes.is application in a new window. Use the tools to select text and create at least two “substantial annotations” in this text.

When you select text in the reading, you’ll be presented with a choice of two tools: Annotate and Highlight. Choose Annotate, and a textbox appears on the right. Type your insights into this textbox, then click “Post to Sp-20 – 8 Pathos” to post your annotation to the class. I encourage you to read your peers’ annotations and respond to those, as well. This is our “class discussion” from here on out, so let’s discuss!

This is a pretty good Hypothes.is guide if you want to read more: https://web.hypothes.is/help/introduction-to-the-hypothesis-lms-app-for-students/

And here is a little video that walks you through of the assignment.