RHE 321 Schedule

Date In-Class For Next Time

Aug 25

Introductions to course and to each other. Sign the Acknowledgement prohibiting guns in my office. Sign into the Canvas site to navigate syllabus. Introduce yourself to your classmates on the Discussion Forum on Canvas, view this prezi on definitions of rhetoric.

Aug 30

Sign up list for future figures of the day (FigureSchedule-blank) + Go over Figure Presentation assignment. Discuss Kairos and Rhetorical Situation. Sign up for a google account if you don’t have one. Read the description of House Joint Resolution 6: Amending the Iowa Consitution to Define Marriage as Between One Man, One Woman + Watch Zach Wahls’ testimony to the House Judiciary Committee.

Sept 1

The rhetorical situation: Zach Wahls assignment1 Read about the three persuasive appeals or proofs: ethos, pathos, and logos

Sept 6

Discuss rhetorical appeals in Zach Wahls again. Read about rhetorical reasoning: syllogisms, enthymemes, and examples.

Sept 8

Go over rhetorical reasoning and Analysis 1 assignment. Quick meme creation of Wahls argument. Find an artifact for analysis 1 and read over Toulmin Model.

Sept 13

(Rhetoric majors: survey) Class vote: grades with or without + and -? Logos, cont: Toulmin Model. In class logos identification (Booker). Figure of the day: Metaphoryou try (ddd). Meme: Cory Booker

—no office hours tomorrow

Work on Analysis 1. Read about Formal Topics and Stasis Theory.

Sept 15

Next TH no class: Extrahuman Conference. Figures of the day: simile, allegory. Finish Booker assignment from last time–10 minutes. Discuss Formal Topics and Stasis Theory. Practice with topics and stases. Work on Analysis 1.

Sept 20

Practice writing an analysis + upload to canvas. An example of a decent analysis of the Wahls artifact. Another good example of Analysis 1 by a former student (Tran-Example), different artifact. Keep working on your real Analysis 1

Sept 22

No class today: Extrahuman conference. Work on real Analysis 1  Prepare to peer review the practice analysis by looking over criteria again.

Sept 27

Figures of the day: metonymy, synecdoche. Look over peer review grading scale + Practice peer review. Another meme example. Submit your for real analysis 1 with embedded meme for peer review on Canvas  by 11:30 am on TH.

Sept 29

Ask about pictures!!  peer review analysis 1 papers. Revise your analysis 1 papers and resubmit (same exact place you submitted your draft) on Canvas by class time on T, Oct 4. (Canvas will tell you it’s late, but it’s not.)

Oct 4

Analysis 1 due. Figures of the day: catachresis, irony.  Figures practice Quiz 1. Peer review issue and questions + go over analysis 2 assignment. Click this link and enter the email address associated with your Google Docs or Google Drive account. Start looking for a second artifact.

Oct 6

Figures of the day: litotes, hyperbole. Quick look at analysis 2 assignment. Infographic workshop: create an infographic out of Cory Booker’s argument. Read about ideology and ideographs

Oct 11

Figures of the day: pun and periphrasis. Discuss paper–organizing a rhetorical analysis (revisions due Nov 1). Discuss presidential debates. Introduction to ideographs

Oct 13

Figures of the day: enallage, anaphora. Figures Practice Quiz 1A.  Ideographs practice together,  in-class practice in groups.; work on infographic (look at sample paper and infographic). Complete infographic for analysis 2 and save to Box or other sharable site (or email)

Oct 18

Figure of the day:  isocolon and homoioteleuton (“hohmoyohTELyoutahn” or “hohmeotelEUtahn”). Figures Practice Quiz 1B. Discuss analysis of figures and ideographs in papers (read through this example together + another infograph). Workshop infographics in groups of 3, responding to these questions:

  1. Is the text easy to read and are the images suitable?
  2. does it capture a handful of the main (or most persuasive) rhetorical principles operating in the argument being assessed?
  3. can it stand on its own if forwarded in social media without the text, indicating what the text accomplishes rhetorically?
  4. What are its most impressive aspects?
  5. Do you have questions or suggestions to make it more compelling?
Finish draft of analysis 2 and infographic (pasted on bottom or linked) and submit in “.doc” format for peer review on Canvas by 11:00 am on TH. (Upload on time, please–we’re trying canvas again, and it needs at least an hour to assign your peer reviews!)

Oct 20

Peer review analysis 2 Revise analysis 2 and submit final version to canvas by class time on Tuesday.

Oct 25

Analysis 2 due. Figures of the day: chiasmus and anadiplosis. Discuss researched listicle assignment. First group meeting: exchange contact information, share a google doc and test it, and set individual tasks for TH. Collaborate on listicle. Deadlines for TH:

  1. determine a topic (if not a claim),
  2. begin researching to narrow claim

Oct 27

Punctuation Note

Figures of the day: zeugma and polyptoton. Instruction: editing vs suggesting in google docs + inserting animated GIFs from giphy into google docs. Analyze appeals in this listicle. Group meeting–then work on listicle.

Collaborate on listicle. Deadlines for T:

  1. Refine claim
  2. Determine possible sub-heads
  3. Search for images
  4. Click this link and enter the link to your document for me.

Resubmit rewritten analysis 1 assignment (same place as the first one) on canvas by class on Tuesday.


Nov 1

Analysis 1 Rewrites due. Figures of the day: climax and antithesis. Figures practice quiz 1C.  Formal Topics Quiz. Listicle group work: you should be working on the introduction and fleshing out sub-heads. Be sure to enter the link to your document here. If you haven’t already done so, change listicle permissions to allow anyone with the link to edit.  Collaborate on listicle. Deadlines for TH:

  1. Complete a draft of the introduction and most of your sub-heads

Nov 3

 Figures of the day: Analogy, Enumeration, and Correctio. . Practice Quiz 2. Listicle: sketch a self-analysis on what you’ve got so far. Collaborate on listicle. Deadlines for T:

  1. Complete a full draft of listicle and self-analysis–names at the top.
  2. Share your listicle on google docs for peer review by classtime on T–be sure to select “anyone with link can edit.”
  3. Click this link and enter the link to your document for me if it has changed.

Nov 8

Election day. Peer review listicle. Instructions in Google Docs. Collaborate on listicle. Deadlines for TH: Make final revisions to listicle before classtime on TH.

Nov 10

Listicle due. Discuss final argument. Time to look for a final argument.

–no office hours T Nov 14 (dissertation defense)

Begin work on final argument. Revision of analysis 2 due by class time on Tuesday.

Nov 15

 Analysis 2 rewrites due. Figure’s Quiz 3. Q&A.  Map topic, claim, situation. Research time and meet with me. Study for figures test and determine the claim, purpose, audience, and forum for your final argument.

Nov 17

Figures Quiz 4. Discuss organization patterns and counterarguments with refutations. Time to work on final argument and meet with me. Keep working on final argument.

Nov 22

Figures Practice Quiz 5 on your own. Work on final argument and study for figures test.

Nov 24

Thanksgiving Submit final argument for peer review. Prep for figure’s test. Listcycle rewrites due. Upload your final argument to Canvas for peer review.

Nov 29

Listicle revisions due. Figures testPeer review argument and self-analysis. **Please fill out the course instructor survey before next time. Revise final argument and submit on canvas by classtime on TH.

Dec 1

email me if you revised your listicle. Final argument due. Class debriefing.