Rhetorical Theory and Ethics Assignments


(Note that there is no final seminar paper. The course readings, weekly reading posts, reading presentations, and short papers will keep us very busy, and the absence of a final paper in the end should allow you to remain in questioning/learning mode all semester. There is no point at which you will be required to stop learning and start “knowing.” You will be asked, throughout, to hold the question[s] open.)

  • Weekly Reading Posts (2pts x 10): Informal responses analyzing/exploring key issues in the readings on the class discussion board.
  • Three Summary/Response Papers (20pts x 3): Formal, one-page, single spaced, beautifully polished, and terribly insightful papers that are interested less in opinions than in relationships and that are to be read aloud in class and then handed in to me.
  • One Reading Presentation (20pts): A short reading response delivered to the class, followed by a facilitated discussion.

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