Rhetorical Theory and Ethics Schedule

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Week 1: Jan 17:

Week 2: Jan 24

Week 3: Jan 31

Week 4: Feb 7

  • Lyotard

Week 5: Feb 14

  • Paper 1 (sample paper)
  • Conf proposal workshop: download conference materials from Files on Canvas
  • For March 21: find a cfp and determine a topic for your proposal

Week 6: Feb 21

  • Levinas, Ethics and Infinity (quotes)

Week 7: Feb 28

  • Levinas, Substitution (quotes)

Week 8: March 7

Week 9: March 14—Spring break

Week 10: March 21

  • Paper 2 (on either “Substitution” or Of Hospitality–please do not summarize Ethics and Infinity)
  • Conf proposal workshop:share CFPs and proposal ideas in groups of 3

Week 11: March 28

  • Ronell (pp. 1-93, and 278-310) (quotes)

Week 12: April 4

  • Butler

Week 13: April 11

Week 14: April 18

Week 15: April 25

  • Ballif + Rivers

Week 16: May 2

  • Please (pretty please) fill out course evaluations online
  • Upload conference proposal + CFP (pasted at top or bottom) to Canvas for peer review no later than 2 p.m. on May 2.
  • Paper 3 (summary portion on Ronell, Butler, or Derrida “Eating Well”)
  • Peer review conference proposals on Canvas: each of you have 2 peer reviews to do. Please read the CFP for the conference and offer helpful feedback right in Canvas’s editing system. Spend less time correcting grammar and punctuation than in responding conceptually. Does the proposal pick up the language of the conference theme? If so, does the proposal successfully weave the theme with its aims? If not, does the proposal take up a topic that fits well generally within the confines of this conference’s disciplinary borders? Offer any helpful advice you have.

Conference proposals due on Canvas by May 7 at midnight.  

  Home Course Description Texts Assignments Schedule