Rhet Crit Analysis Paper

In your final paper, you will critique an artifact (your choice but needs my approval and must have a textual component—can’t be only visual) through a unique mix of the critical approaches we have discussed in class. So you may, for example, do a feminist/cluster analysis, a narrative/Marxist analysis, a feminist/Marxist/deconstructive analysis, or some other generative critique that establishes your own frame and focus. You may also use a single ideological approach: Marxist, deconstructive, or feminist. (Please do not use only cluster or narrative.)

These papers should be roughly 5-6 pages in length. And because you will be citing other sources (your artifact, at least, and perhaps Foss and/or Davis), you will need aWorks Cited page at the end of your paper, and you will need to make use of correct and appropriate in-text documentation.

Your application essay should include these four components:

  • a solid introduction to your artifact and its context (do not assume your reader is overly familiar with the artifact)
  • a description of the critical method(s) you’ll be using (include the *major* tenets or presumptions of this approach as well as its major stakes/values–IOW: why thisapproach to this artifact? What do you hope to discover? Its presumptions about class or gender? Its hidden logocentrism? etc. )
  • a detailed and carefully laid out analysis of the most significant aspects of your artifact
  • a conclusion in which you discuss the implications of what you found in your analysis

Please do NOT include the “steps of the process” stuff from Foss–this is where you actually perform the analysis. You’ve read several examples of critical applications in Foss, and you should feel free to look them over again.