Analysis of Obama’s Eulogy

First review the transcript of the eulogy here. Then, in groups of 3 (check Canvas for your group), respond to the following questions. Be ready to share your answers.

  1. Specific occasion for this oration?
  2. Who’s the audience, primary and secondary?
  3. Exigence (what is the specific urgency sparking this speech act?)
  4. Purpose/s (what does he want from the audience?)
  5. Type of discourse (juridical, deliberative, epideictic/ceremonial)
  6. Historical and cultural context (what is going on historically and culturally at this time that both invited and constrained his speech act?)
  7. Discern some of the logical appeals in this speech. Inductive or deductive? Example or analogy? Comparison/contrast?
  8. Describe a few of the pathetic appeals in this oration. What emotions and identifications might the speech stir up in the target audience and beyond? How are they evoked? Narrative? Imagery? Vivid description? Passionate delivery or language? What effect might these pathetic appeals have on the extended (actual–youtube) audience?