Modern Rhetorical Criticism Schedule

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Date In-Class For Next Time
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Jan 15

Introductions to course, each other, and rhetorical criticism. Sign up for this class site (“create a new account”–use your real name) and sign into our Canvas class site (again, real names so I’ll be able to grade your work). Introduce yourself on the Canvas discussion board. Read Foss Ch 1-2
2. TH

Jan 17

Traditional rhetorical analysis + etherpad test. Read Foss Ch 3
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Jan 22

Neo-Aristotelian Criticism.  In-class assignment: Gaga! Review “Applying the Canons,” p 25-28
4. TH

Jan 24

First wrap up from last class: audience. Neo-Aristotelian Criticism, cont + In-class assignment: Gaga again! Go over working notes assignment. (one example) Working Notes Due by Sunday night at 10pm. Read Foss Ch 4 (p.63-69)
5. T

Jan 29

Cluster Criticism Introduction, in-class practice1 Read Foss p.86-96
6. TH

Jan 31

 In-class practice + + Discuss Working Notes assignment


 Begin your working notes for cluster crit–get a jump b/c they’re due Wed morning.
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Feb 5

Burke quote + Practice with non-agon cluster criticism. Review of cluster criticism Working Notes Due by Wed  morning at 5am. Read Foss Ch 9 (p. 307-317)
8. TH

Feb 7

Narrative Criticism + Notes on narrative types + Sample narrative analysis of video+ in-class practice Foss p. 336-346. Go through  these notes on a broadened sense of narrative criticism.
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Feb 12

Working Notes reminder: do not list Foss’s four steps.

“Cluster criticism uses a four-step process for analysis: (1) selecting an artifact; (2) analyzing the artifact; (3) formulating a research question; and (4) writing the essay” (Foss 66).

These are the same for every kind of critical method. Focus on the elements that differ: how to carry out the analysis and what the critic is interested in discovering through this analysis.

Narrative Criticism (broadened) + In-class practice

10. TH

Feb 14

Narrative Criticism In-class practice continued + questions about comparison paper. Working Notes Due by Monday morning at 5am. Submit a second copy of your working notes to the assignment Practice Peer Review on Canvas by classtime on Tuesday.
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Feb 19

Review + discussion of peer review expectations. Quick practice Peer Review. Prepare first comparison paper and submit it toCOMPARISON PAPER 1 REVIEW on Canvas for peer review by TH morning at 7am.
12. TH

Feb 21

Go over citing class notes. Peer Review comparison papers Read Foss 209-220. Revise comparison paper, submit the final version to COMPARISON PAPER 1 on Canvas by classtime on Tues.
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Feb 26

Comparison paper 1 due. Diff btw tenets and stakes. Disucss issues with papers and peer reviews–go over differences between methods/goals and tenets again. Foucault passage + Introduction to Ideological critique + in-class practice Read Hart and Daughton “Marxist Criticism” (below)–just read the “Marxist” section. Deconstruction comes later.
14. TH

Feb 28

Marxist Criticism. Some capitalist ideologies+ Goals of Marxist Crit + in-class practice
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Mar 5

Marxist Criticism. In-class assignment.  Read Althusser’s “Ideology and the Ideological State Apparatus”
16. TH

Mar 7

Althusser and post-Marxist Criticism +Representation of America’s wealth distribution + In-class assignment
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Mar 12

Spring Break
18. TH

Mar 14

Spring Break  Working Notes Due by Monday morning at 5am. Read Foss 246-250 + Hart and Daughton “Feminist Criticism” (below)
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Mar 19

 Feminist Criticism + in-class practice.  If you’re revising comparison paper 1, upload it by classtime TH to Comparative Paper1-R&R
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Mar 21

Comparative paper 1 revisions due. FEM CRIT In-class practice. Working Notes Due by Monday morning at 5am+ read Hart and Daughton’s “Deconstructive Criticism” (below)
21. T

Mar 26

Deconstructive Criticism. Laws of Logic + in-class assignment. Class notes.
22. TH

Mar 28

Deconstructive Criticism. In-class assignment  Read Cixous “Laugh of the Medusa” (below) and Fausto-Sterling “Five Sexes”
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Apr 2

Deconstructive Feminist Crit; in-class assignment
24. TH

Apr 4

Example of deconstruction in argument + Questions + In class time to find an artifact and begin working notes. Working Notes Due by Monday morning at 5am.
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Apr 9

Questions, Review + warm up for comparison two paper. Sample Comparison Paper.
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Apr 11

Speak in Wisconsin Prepare comparison paper 2 and submit it to COMPARISON PAPER 2 REVIEW for peer review on Canvas by Tuesday morning at 7am
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Apr 16

Peer review comparison paper 2. Revise comparison paper 2, submit the final version to COMPARISON PAPER 2 onCanvas by classtime on TH.
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Apr 18

Comparision paper 2 due. Look over application assignment. Propose final artifact and method on Canvas discussion site. Sign up for conference with me if you haven’t already. Work on Final paper
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Apr 23

Conferences with me
30. TH

Apr 25

Conferences with me Prepare final paper for peer review and submit to APPLICATION PAPER REVIEW on Canvas.
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Apr 30

Peer review Final paper Revise final paper and submit to APPLICATION PAPER onCanvas by classtime on TH. If you plan to revise comparison paper 2, submit that, as well, to Comparative Paper 2 (same place as before) by class time TH
32. TH

May 2

Final paper due. Comparison paper 2 revisions due. Debriefing. Course evaluations.

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