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Part I: Aristotelian Pathos

W Jan 22 Truthiness, post-truth, the problematics of pathos and logos. Pathos as the ground for logos in Aristotle and in contemporary neuroscience. Introduce yourself on the discussion board, including a description of the last thing that moved you in a memorable way (a speech, a meme, a song, scene from a film or book, an image, any encounter…)
M Jan 27 Discuss pathetic appeals in the artifacts you introduced, identifying what it is in any artifact that moves you, stirs a feeling in you (energeia, emotive language, personification, and ethopoeia). Read “I Went to Mexico” and “The Thousands of Children Who Go to Immigration Court Alone” (be sure to watch the embedded video on that last one; it’s also here:
W Jan 29 Discuss pathetic appeals in readings/video. Read Aristotle, Book II, 1-17. Discussion Post 1, on Aristotle, due by class time on Monday.
M Feb 3 Post 1 due. Discuss Aristotle. Find an image that you find moving. Bring it to class (bring a laptop or appropriate device if it’s online).
W Feb 5 In groups of 3-4, share your image, explain how it makes you feel, and what about it stirs those feelings. (IOW: locate the pathetic appeals in your artifact.) Read Nussbaum “Aristotle on Emotions and Rational Persuasion.” Post 2 due Monday.
M Feb 10 Post 2 due. Discuss Nussbaum and visual analysis assignment. Read Hariman and Lucaites, “Dissent and Emotional Management.” Post 3 due Wednesday.

Part II: Sociality of Affect

W Feb 12 Post 3 due. Discuss Hariman and Lucaites. Practice visual analysis. Find an image to analyze for visual analysis assignment. (Possible source: 100 of the most Influential Images of All Time. Another one: Berlin Wall and it’s fall photos)
M Feb 17 Examples of visual analysis assignment from previous semesters. Group practice with visual analysis. Complete visual analysis and upload it for peer review **by 9 am on Wednesday**
W Feb 19 Peer review visual analysis Revise and resubmit final visual analysis by class time on Monday. Read Hawhee “Rhetoric’s Sensorium.” (no post)
M Feb 24 Visual analysis due. Discuss Hawhee. Read Gould, “Introduction: Why Emotion?” Post 4 due Wed on Gould.
W Feb 26 Post 4 due. Discuss Gould: affective ontology and emotional habitus Read Rice, “The New ‘New’: Making a Case for Critical Affect Studies.” Post 5 due Monday.
M Mar 2 Post 5 due. Discuss Rice: critical affect studies Read Brennan, “Introduction” to The Transmission of Affect. Post 6 due Wed
W Mar 4 Post 6 due. Discuss Brennan: the transpersonal affective intensities. Read Ahmed, “Introduction” to Cultural Politics of Emotion, “Feel Your Way.”
M Mar 9 Post 7 due. Discuss Ahmed: the sociality of emotions. Read Ahmed “Affective Economies.” Post 8 due Wednesday

Part III: Dealing With Pathological Texts

W Mar 10 Post 8 due. Discuss Ahmed: the stickiness of signs, the effects and affects of hate speech and the politics of fear. Go over analysis of an injurious text assignment Have a fabulous break. Be looking for a text to analyze. Might start here.
M Mar 16 Spring break
W Mar 18 Spring Break Read this Time Magazine article, and 4 short pieces from A Citizen’s Guide to Fake News:

  • “What is Fake News”
  • “A Brief History of Fake News”
  • “The Danger of Fake News Inflaming or Suppressing Social Conflict”
  • “Why We Fall for Fake News”
M Mar 23 Discuss fake news and analysis assignment. Read Rice, “Pathologia” and Josh Owens “I Worked for Alex Jones and I Regret it.” Post 9 on Rice due on Wed. Decide on a text to analyze.
W Mar 25 Post 9 due. Discuss Rice: eruptions of pathological texts in rhetoric’s “sensorium.” And discuss Owens. Uses of anger, fear, paranoia in fake news, conspiracy theories, hate speech and other injurious eruptions. ReadWhat is The Great Replacement” and watch two videos:

Upload a link to the text you’ll analyze on Canvas by Monday, along with a quick description of what in this text strikes you as injurious or dangerous, as well as the feelings it stirs in you.

M Mar 30 Discuss Replacement Theory and videos. Workshop possible approaches to analysis. Read McIntire, Yourish, and Buchanan’s “In Trump’s Twitter Feed: Conspiracy Mongers, Racist, and Spies,” Amanda Robb’s “Anatomy of a Fake News Scandal” on Pizzagate, and Richardson’s “There’s Something Going On” (also in Files on Canvas)
W Apr 1 Discuss readings. Q&A about text analysis Read Uscinski’s “If Trump’s Rhetoric” and Eric Reid’s Why Colin Kaepernick and I Decided to Take a Knee, and watch Alex Jones suggest that taking a knee supports “white genocide” (warning). Work on text analysis
M Apr 6 OSU Program Review. Complete a draft of text analysis
W Apr 8 OSU Program Review Upload text analysis to canvas for peer review **by 9am Monday.**
M Apr 13 Peer review analysis. Revise and resubmit analysis by class time on Wednesday. Read Ahmed: conclusion.
W Apr 15 Textual analysis due. Discuss Ahmed: dissent, detaching stuck emotions/bodies, pathetic appeals that undo violent appropriations. Read Davies, “How Feelings Took Over the World.” Post 10 due Monday.
M Apr 20 Post 10 due. Discuss Davies + dissent and detaching stuck emotions, cont. Watch Greta Thunberg’s speech to the UN, Obama’s gun violence press conference, Emma Gonzales’s “We Call BS” speech. Proposal questions Write your counterargument description and prepare to workshop it on Wed.
W Apr 22 Description workshop; meet with me; sign up for presentation dates Work on counterargument
M Apr 27 Work on counterarguments; meet with me Upload counterargument to canvas for peer review **by 9am Wednesday.**
W Apr 29 Peer review Counterargument Revise and resubmit counterargument by class time on Monday. Prepare presentations.
M May 4 Counterargument due. Presentations
W May 6 Presentations

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