Rhetoric and Hermeneutics Texts

Ronell: Stupidity

Jost and Hyde: Rhetoric and Hermeneutics In Our Time

Ormiston and Schrift: Transforming the Hermeneutic Context: Nietzsche to Nancy

Ballif: Seduction, Sophistry, and the Woman with the Rhetorical Figure

Vitanza: Negation, Subjectivity and the history of Rhetoric

Heidegger. On the Way to Language 

Derrida. Of Hospitality

Levinas. Otherwise than Being

+ Essays and chapters that I will provide for you by Heidegger, de Man, Mailloux, Blanchot, and Levinas

Star Trek: The Next Generation (Darmok, episode 102), which I will either show in class or put on reserve in the library

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