StoryMaps instructions

A few examples of different ways to organize:

StoryMaps instructions

  • Go to
  • click Create a Story
  • select the Cascade app
  • Create a Public Account (make a note your username and password–or sign in with Google or Facebook)

A new cascade StoryMap will open and ask you to pick a title.

  • Enter a title (you can change it later)
  • click the floppy disk icon at the upper left to save.

Once you’ve saved your new StoryMap once, you’ll be able to add content. To learn how to add all kinds of content—standard or immersive images, text, video, etc.—to your Cascade StoryMap, study the following instructional sites:

Save frequently as you create your story. And keep your story private by ensuring that the little lock icon at the upper left is selected. When you’re ready to share your work for peer review, click the world icon to make it public, click the eyeball icon to view your work, and copy the URL.

Special note about Credits: Though many Story Maps in the gallery section do not make extensive use of credits, we will. You’ll correctly document each image and textual source in either MLA or APA format. Either on the left or the right hand side of the credits, you’ll point your audience to the source you’re describing (ex: all photos in section one; or: All information in Habitat section); the other side will be the correct documentation of the source or sources you’re referring to using MLA or APA documentation. Wherever possible the info on the right should be directly linked to the online source.

To get back to your in-progress storymap, log in to StoryMaps, click your name at the top right, click Profile, then Content. 

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