Reading Posts

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These are informal posts on the Canvas discussion board that analyze/explore key issues in the readings. When the schedule assigns a post, go to the class Discussion forum on Canvas and select the topic that names the title of the reading. Your posts should offer a thoughtful engagement with the material. Dive into the text to explore a key idea, reflect on a powerful passage, or contrast this text with another reading. Offer quotes and page numbers to ground your discussion in the text itself. There is no set length, but posts should be long enough to adequately engage a significant aspect of the text (roughly a double-spaced page or so).

I encourage you to respond to each other’s discussion posts and engage each other’s ideas.

For full credit:

  • You’ll complete the post on time. (If your post is up to a day late, you’ll lose 1 point; after that, you’ll lose 2.)
  • You’ll thoughtfully analyze/explore at least one key issue or idea in the reading
  • You’ll cite at least one significant passage from the text to make your point/s
  • You’ll document page numbers for all cited passages correctly


Main Page | Course Description | Texts Assignments Schedule Resources