Workshop for Final Assignment

By the end of the day, respond to the posts from your assigned workshopping parters, offering feedback on the following.

If your peer chose Option 1:

  • What’s the pathological effect your peer intends to counter? Is it stated clearly? If not, help out.
  • Who is the intended audience for this counterargument? Is this audience appropriate for your peer’s intended purpose?
  • What is the form this counterargument will take and what is the forum through which it will be published (or otherwise disseminated to its audience)? Does the form seem appropriate to the forum? And does the audience match the form and forum?
  • How does your peer say they’ll counter this pathological effect, and what feelings will they aim to provoke? Does this plan seem appropriate to the audience, form, and forum?

If your peer chose Option 2:

  • Is this an appropriate “pathological text,” given the criteria detailed in the assignment description ? Why or why not?
  • Does your peer make a compelling argument for why this is a pathological text, given our definition? Why or why not? Offer the most concrete and helpful feedback you can. 

If your peer chose Option 3:

  • Has your peer stated a compelling reason (to be explained in the actual text) that facts alone are not sufficient to counter a pathological text? If so, what’s compelling about it? If not, offer suggestions.
  • What are the 2 sources your peer will use to support their argument in this essay? Do you think they’re the best choices? Offer feedback.

If your peer chose Option 4:

  • What’s the text your peer will explicate?
  • What are the most significant points your peer will focus on in this text? Do they strike you as the most significant? If not, offer suggestions.