Final Paper Peer Review Instructions

You’ll have 2 reviews to complete by the end of the day; each review should take approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Again, your focus is on substance and content, and you’ll respond directly to the rubric’s conceptual prompts on the peer review sheet itself. Do not write on edit your partners’ papers. If you have suggestions about style or organization that will make the argument more compelling, state them in your rubric responses.

For each peer review

  1. Download a copy of the appropriate peer review sheet, depending on which option your peer has chosen (also in Files menu on Canvas): Option 1-Restorative Counterargument, Option 2-Analysis, Option 3-Role of Pathos, and Option 4-Explication of a Text
  2. Go to the Assignments menu on Canvas, and click the Final Paper Assignment. In the Submission Details box, click one of the two student names under Assigned Peer Reviews.
  3. Download your peer’s essay to your own computer by clicking the image or name of the document.
  4. Read the whole essay through once before you write anything.
  5. Put your name and your peer’s name on the peer review sheet and respond to each of the rubric’s conceptual prompts as specifically and concretely as you can. There is no greater gift than constructive, concrete feedback from an engaged reader.
  6. Save your peer review sheet your desktop with a descriptive file name, and then upload it to canvas by clicking the Attach File link under the Comments box on your peer’s submission page. Make sure the upload is saved.

When you complete your two reviews, check to make sure you’ve got at least one review on the Submission Details of your own submission.