1/19. Intro to course + sign up to lead reading discussion. (Ronell interview and Editor’s intro)

1/26. Artifact papers 

2/2. Heidegger, “Building, Dwelling, Thinking,” and Levinas, selection from “Existence and Existents” (note: the very dense first and last sections are necessary to bring the most important sections for us, pp. 47-60, into focus–so hang in there and push through them).

  • Optional: Lyotard, Introduction to The Inhuman, Heidegger, “The Thing”
  • Due today: Reading Post 1, Heidegger or Levinas

2/9. Bennett, selections from Vibrant Matter and Barad, “Posthumanist Performativity.” 

  • Due today: Reading Post 2, Bennett or Barad

2/16. Rickert, “Parmenides” and selections from Ambient Rhetoric, and Brown, “The Machine.” Rickert skypes in 4:30-5:15; Jim Brown skypes in 5:30-6:15.

  • Optional, Brown’s Ethical Programs (online)
  • Due today: Reading Post 3, Rickert (either) or Brown

2/23. S/R 1 on Heidegger, Levinas, Bennett, Barad, Rickert, or Brown

3/1. Derrida, “The Animal that Therefore I am.” (Derrida video on les animaux)

  • Optional: Philosophy and Rhetoric Animal Forum (on Canvas)
  • Optional: Davis, “P.S. On Humanism,” from Inessential Solidarity.
  • Due today: Reading Post 4, Derrida

3/8. Cary Wolfe, “Flesh and Finitude” and Michael Marder, “What Is Plant Thinking”?

3/15—spring break

3/22. Davis, “Autozoography.” Wolfe, “Second Finitude.”

  • Due today: Reading Post 6, Davis or Wolfe (“Second”)

3/29. S/R 2 on Derrida, Michael Marder, Davis, or Wolfe

4/5. Levinas, selection from Totality and Infinity; Derrida, “Epoché and Faith.”—TI quote

  • Optional:  video (parts 1-3) and working paper.
  • Due today: Reading Post 7, Levinas (Totality) or Derrida (“Epoche”)

4/12. Mailloux, “Notes on Prayerful,” Bernard-Donals, “Divine Cruelty,” Elissa Marder, “Pandora’s Fireworks”

  • Due today: Reading Post 8, Mailloux, Bernard-Donals, or Elissa Marder

4/19. Derrida, selections from Specters of Marx (Intro and Ch 1) (+ selection from Archive Fever)

  • Due today: Reading Post 9, Derrida (Specters)

4/26. Ballif “Historiography as Hauntology” and “Regarding” + Gunn, “Canned Laughter.”

5/3. S/R 3 on Levinas (Totality), Derrida (Specters), Mailloux, Elissa Marder, Bernard-Donals, Ballif (either), or Gunn

5/9. Conference paper due.

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