Rhetorical Animal Presentation

In groups of 2-3, you will deliver a researched presentation to the class, created with an online presentational software of your choice (prezi, online powerpoint, google slides, etc.), on the rhetorical propensities of a selected species of animal. Your group’s presentation should:

  • take no longer than 6 minutes,
  • make use of embedded images and/or video,
  • cite reputable sources,
  • document those sources through URL links or a Works Cited page,
  • *wow* the class with fascinating details about this species,
  • and explicitly address the relevance to rhetorical studies

You will submit a link to your presentation to me on Canvas, and I’ll share the link with the class.


  1. Once your group decides which animal to research and present on, divide up your research effort and discover all you can about this animal’s communication practices, including how (visual, aural, gestural, etc.), why, and when they communicate. Look especially for fascinating details or specific studies.
  2. When you’ve gathered all your material, decide together how best to arrange it for presentation to the class. You want your classmates to learn and be moved by the information you’re presenting, so decisions at this point are crucial.
  3. Put together your presentation using the presentation software you’ve chosen, making sure to document your research appropriately (in your presentation and in a works cited page on the last slide), and explicitly addressing the implications of your findings for rhetorical studies (what does it teach us about the limits or scope of rhetoric?).
  4. Submit a link to your presentation to me on Canvas under the tab for this assignment on the day you’re scheduled to present.

Note: no makeups. If you are not ready to go on the day you are assigned, or if you are unexpectedly absent, you will not be able to make up this assignment.

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