Peer Review Video Argument

  1. Sign into Canvas, go to Assignments, Video Argument. In the Submission Details box, click the student name under Assigned Peer Reviews.
  2. At the top of the self-analysis, you should see the URL for your peer’s video. Copy and paste the URL into your browser and watch the video at least once.
  3. Read the author’s self-analysis, quickly making any comments through the crocodoc editor that you think will be helpful to the author.
  4. Spend most of your time responding thoughtfully to the rubric prompts, offering concrete feedback. Click View Rubric to open it, type your feedback into the spaces after the respective descriptors, and be sure to go to the bottom of the rubric and click SAVE very frequently.
  5. When you are finished responding to the rubric’s prompts, offering very concrete and helpful feedback, click Save at the bottom of the rubric. (If you don’t click Save before you close, you’ll lose your comments.)

To see the feedback left for you on your paper and the rubric evaluation, view the assignment’s submission details.