Performative Rhetorics Schedule

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Sept 2: Introduction + sign up for course site if you haven’t already.

Sept 9: Artifact Paper Due

Sept 16: Austin, How To Do Things With Words (Reading Post 1 due; leaders: Erin and Sakina)

Sept 23: Derrida, “Signature, Event, Context,” in Limited Inc + “Declarations of Independence.”  (Reading Post 2 due; leaders: Jenna and Rhiannon)

Sept 30: Searle Speech Acts, pages 1-71 + “Reply to Derrida.” (Reading Post 3 due; leaders: Amy and Justin) [Quotes]

Oct 7: Derrida, “Limited Inc a b c” and “Afterword: Toward an Ethic of Discussion,” in Limited Inc (Reading Post 4 due; leaders: Elliott and Matthew)

Oct 14: S/R Paper 1 (Summarize Austin, Searle, or Derrida’s SEC or “Limited Inc” and read across your artifact)

Oct 21: Felman, The Scandal of the Speaking Body (Reading Post 5 due; leaders: Sarah and Beck)

Oct 28: Butler, Excitable Speech (Reading Post 6 due; leaders: Emily and James)

Nov 4: Freud “Psychical Treatment” and Preface to Bernheim’s Suggestive Therapeutics; Borch-Jacobsen “Analytic Speech: From a Restricted to a General Rhetoric”; and optional: Davis “Identification: Burke and Freud on Who You Are.” (Reading Post 7 due; leader: Jake)

Nov 11: S/R Paper 2 (summarize Felman, Butler, Freud, or Borch-Jacobsen and read across your artifact)

Nov 18— de Man “Autobiography as Defacement,” and Ronell “The Rhetoric of Testing.” (Reading Post 8 due; leaders: Marnie and Keith)–Quiz

Nov 25— Derrida “Performative Powerlessness,” + Miller and Critchley (Reading Post 9 due; leaders: Hannah and Kristin)

Dec 2 – S/R Paper 3 (Summarize de Man, Ronell, or Derrida–or anyone you have not yet written on in the course and read across your artifact) + course debriefing.

Course Description / Texts / Assignments / Schedule Resources