RHE 330E Pathos Assignments

Assignments and Grades:

This course has a “writing flag,” so you should expect to write regularly during the semester and to complete substantial writing projects. You will receive feedback on your writing from your peers and from me, and you will have the opportunity to revise one or more assignments so long as you meet the minimum requirements for doing so. Major writing assignments will include an analysis of an image, a visual argument, and one final project argument, and three short summary/response papers, all but the last of which will go through multiple drafts and peer review. You will also be responsible for semi-weekly reading posts on a discussion forum. Because this is a writing flag course, peer reviews are not optional–if you are going to miss an in-class peer review, you must arrange with at least one of your generous classmates (must be a classmate) to get and give a peer review in Canvas outside of class.

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