RHE 330E Pathos Texts

You will not need to purchase a course pack or books for this course. I will provide you with the readings, all of which are linked on your canvas site under Files

  • Ahmed, Sara (1). “Affective Economies.” Social Text (2004).
  • Ahmed, Sara (2). “Happy Objects.” In Melissa Gregg and Gregory J. Seigworth, ed.,Affect Theory Reader. Duke UP, 2010. 29-51.
  • Aristotle. The Rhetoric, book 2 1-17 + book 3 10-11.
  • Brennan, Theresa. Introduction from The Transmission of Affect. Cornell UP, 2004.
  • Gorgias. “Encomium of Helen.”
  • Kastley, “Rhetoric and Emotion.” In Walter Jost and Wendy Olmsted A Companion to Rhetorical Criticism.
  • Rifkin, Jeremy. “A Sentient Interpretation of Biological Evolution.” From The Empathetic Civilization. Penguin, 2009: 82-105.
  • Riley, Denise. Introduction and Chapter 1 from Impersonal Passion: Language and Affect. Duke UP, 2005.

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