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Date In class For next time
TH Aug 27 Intro to course; a little preview; log into the course site and to the Canvas site to make sure you’ve got it. Introduce yourself to your classmates on the Discussion forum on Canvas.  Create a google account for yourself if you don’t already have one.
T Sept 1 Discuss and practice with pathetic appeals (enargeia, emotive language, personification, and ethopoeia). Log into Canvas collaborations and make sure group assignments work. Read Aristotle, Book 3, chpt 10-11.
TH Sept 3 Discuss Aristotle; practice with enargeia. Discuss reading posts and quote posting. Read Kastley + post two quotes you find most compelling or interesting from this piece on Canvas discussion site
T Sept 8 Discuss Kastley and your chosen quotes; time to begin first reading post on Kastley. Kastley Reading post due on discussion site by Wed at 8pm; response due by class time on TH.

Sept 10

Everyone submit reading post? Practice with visual analysis of an image. Discuss visual analysis of an image assignment + Example (Visual Analysis-AlinaCarnahan). Q&A. Read Gorgias + post quotes.
T Sept 15 Discuss Gorgias. Take a look at Alina Carnahan’s visual analysis. Time to look for an image. Gorgias Reading post due Wed by 8pm; response due by class time TH. Save image for visual analysis to UT Box (or somewhere you can get to it in class).

Sept 17

 Workshop image for visual analysis.  Time to work on visual analysis and see me if there are questions. Read the assignment carefully once again. Peek at Alina Carnahan’s example again. Work on visual analysis.
T Sept 22 Practice with visual analysis. More student visual analyses of these images: Su Wilcox and Gordon Martens. Submit visual analysis for peer review by 11 am TH.

Sept 24

Discuss Oct 1 research project. Peer review visual analysis. Submit final draft of visual analysis by class time on Tuesday. Read Aristotle, Book II 1-17 + post quotes
T Sept 29 Visual Analysis Due. Discuss Aristotle. (on the pleasure associated with revenge)  (No office hours on Wed, Sept 30)
TH Oct 1 USC CONFERENCE—Complete reading post on Aristotle. Aristotle Reading post due Monday by 8pm; response due by class time on Tuesday.
T Oct 6 Aristotle, continued. Discuss S/R papers. Prep for S/R on Kastly, Gorgias, or Aristotle (pick one). Complete first full draft of S/R Paper 1 on Kastley, Gorgias, or Aristotle. Save to UT Box or wherever you wish so that you’ll have access to it in class on TH.
TH Oct 8 Share S/R paper drafts in groups of 3 for feedback. Submit S/R 1 by class time on Tuesday. Read Brennan + post quotes.
T Oct 13 S/R 1 Due. Discuss Brennan. Brennan Reading post due by Wed at 8pm; response due by class time TH.
TH Oct 15 Visual analysis revisions due (if eligible). S/R 1 questions. Brennan cont. (FYI: musical entrainment) Read Riley + post quotes.
T Oct 20 Discuss Riley. Reading post on Riley due Wed by 8pm; response by class time TH.
TH Oct 22 Riley continued. Introduction to Visual Argument assignmentSelf-Analysis Example-VisArg2. Read Rifkin + post quotes. Submit revisions of S/R 1 if you’re eligible by class time on T.
T Oct 27 Revisions to S/R 1 due (if you’re eligible). Discuss Rifkin + RSA Animate. Introduction to Windows MovieMaker / Mac’s iMovie. Time to play with the software. (Recommended but not required: TED talk “The Science of Emotions” by Jaak Panksepp.) Reading post on Rifkin due by Wed at 8pm; response due by class time T. Prepare S/R 2 for peer review.
TH Oct 29 Oral peer review for S/R 2. (Revisions due Nov 12.) Visual argument prep time. Submit S/R 2 by class time on T. Continue working on your visual argument.
T Nov 3 S/R 2 due. Prepare visual argument + self eval. Be sure you upload your video to Youtube or box and capture the URL. Paste that at the top of your self evaluation. Submit self evaluation (with URL to your video) for peer review by TH at 11 am.
TH Nov 5 Peer review visual arguments. Revise visual argument and submit by class time on T. Read Ahmed (1) “Affective Economies” + post quotes
T Nov 10 Visual arguments due. Discuss Ahmed (1).

Make an offer about Ahmed 2: (another post about Ahmed 1 + S/R on anything we’ve read that you haven’t yet written on.)

Reading post on Ahmed (1) due by Wed by 8 pm; response due by class time on TH. If you’re eligible, submit revisions to S/R 2 by class time on TH.
TH Nov 12 Continue discussing Ahmed. S/r 2 revisions due. Introduction to final project. ****No office hours on Tuesday, 11/17*****  Second Reading Post on Ahmed due Monday by 8pm; responses due by class time on T. Start thinking about final project.
T Nov 17 Idea jamming and freewriting/looping for final project.

****No office hours today!*****

Prepare S/R 3 (can be on any text we’ve read that you haven’t yet done an S/R on) for peer review and start thinking about final project.
TH Nov 19 Oral peer review for S/R 3. Submit S/R 3 by class time on Tuesday. Keep working on final project.
T Nov 24 S/R 3 Due. TBA: Final project work. Work on final project.
TH Nov 26 Thanksgiving Submit final project for peer review by 11 am on Tuesday.
T Dec 1 Please, please do course evaluations online.

Peer review final projects.

Revise final projects and submit to canvas by class time on TH. (Visual argument revisions due by class time, as well, if you’re eligible.)
TH Dec 3 Final projects due. Visual argument revisions due. Course debriefing and evaluations.


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